Adjust recording amplitude? How?

Why is the db only .01 to -.01 on my Gateway M-Series laptop, Audacity version 2.0.5, Windows 7?

Prior to upgrading: my old HP laptop, Vista, Audacity 2.0.0, produced a much stronger wave form: db .5 to -.5
I’m using the same senheiser wireless microphone on both occasions.

Is there a setting I need to know about on Audacity?
Could the Gateway soundcard differ from the HP sound card causing this aberration?
Thanks for your assistance.

I’ve been using Audacity for many years with great results. Wonderful product. Thanks to the developers!!

Gus Brunsman

Let’s say you’re talking about the blue waves. Those measurements are not in dB. They’re in percent. 100% up and down. 0.5 is 50% which works out after all the arithmetic to -6dB. The bouncing red and green sound meters are really, actually in dB.

The first question past my lips is how did you connect the Sennheiser to the computer? There is a very common bad way to do it which results in a 50% blue waves and then they start clipping. I think your current predicament is a variation on that.

Model numbers are good.


If you’ve not done so already, look in the Windows Sound Control Panel at the recording level for your device, and ensure that all sound system “Enhancements” are turned off.