Adjust loudness effect should have focus on "OK"

I like to have my development workflow map effects onto keypresses - it’s a lot quicker than mousing.
The “Loudness” effect has the focus on the selection between RMS and perceived loudness.
IMHO, the focus should be on the OK button, so that I can hit enter - i.e. operate the effect without recourse to the mouse or hitting the tab key 7 times.

Audacity 3.1.2, build Nov 20, 2021

Adrian Stephens

You can do that by creating a macro that contains the effect (with your favored settings) and then setting a default shortcut to that macro.

On my W10 PC with 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 Beta-1 on invoking the Loudness effect the focus is on the “OK” button.


Ah, Peter, I forgot to say I’m running linux Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit.

You don’t need to tab 7 times. You just have to tab as many times as necessary to move the focus to a control which doesn’t use Enter for interacting with it, and then press Enter. So you could, for example, tab to an text box or a check box, and then press Enter. The OK button is the default button, so when the control which is the focus doesn’t use Enter for interactions, pressing Enter presses the default button, which in this case is the OK button.

On Windows, on invoking the Loudness effect, the initial focus us the normalize drop-down list box. (press up/down arrow and the option changes)
The OK button has a blue outline (and no dotted black outline) indicating that it’s the default button. On Windows the drop-down list box does not use Enter for interactions, and so pressing Enter presses the default button. (On Ubuntu, the drop-down list box does use Enter for interactions.)