Adjust audio that is too high


I’ve a live show’s recording that the audio is too loud. I would like to know if exists some way to adjust It through Audacity.
I’m sending as an attachment a sample of the recording, so if possible, tell me if there a some way to adjust It.
Thanks for my poor english.

Live club or concert?

No, you destroyed your microphone with the high volume. There’s no music there to save. Club captures take special microphones and MicPres. You would think you would be able to turn down the “Microphone Volume” and that would be that. You overloaded the small package of electronics before that, the microphone preamplifier (MicPre), that can’t be adjusted.

There’s a whole package of special sound electronics that news people and entertainment productions use for this job.

That’s also why many bands don’t care whether you record or not. Most people get what you got.

I have people who play in bands and I always wondered if I could get a capture to work without breaking anything. They wouldn’t care and it would be an interesting exercise.


No, it’s too badly damaged for Audacity or any other program.