Additional stream operating along with Audacity recording?

I apologize if this is not a new question. I have W7 using realtek audio. Audacity 2.0.5. I record audio web streams from either audio or video feeds sometimes, but what I would like to also do is have a separate web stream playing through my speakers that I will listen to while the other stream is being recorded. Is this possible with Audacity or is there a different program that will allow this? There is a myriad of settings in Audacity that I don’t know about and maybe something can be set for this. I believe that there are other recorders that will record from URL’s if Audacity can’t. If this is something that absolutely requires a second audio card that would be OK (as long as that doesn’t cause PC wackiness with driver or other conflicts), as money isn’t the problem. Many times I can run both my PC’s and split up these duties that way, but it would be nice to incorporate these in one PC. I understand XP may have had this feature and that the older realtek drivers may have had some options to help in this. If I could use an older driver to do it, would that cause any other problem? Anyone have ideas on how to do this? Thanks to anyone who can help.

Yes, you can get a separate USB audio card, and make that Windows default playback device.

Then play the stream you want to record using an application that can choose its playback device. Set its playback device to Realtek and set Audacity to record from stereo mix of the Realtek device or from Windows WASAPI loopback in Audacity. See : .

Foobar 2000 can choose its audio playback device.

Or you can probably use the paid-for Virtual Audio Cable ( ) to pull the sound from the application making it then set Audacity to record that cable decice. You may be able to do something similar with the donationware VB Audio Cables ( ). For technical support with those applications please contact the application authors.


I had posted again on this and I guess I forgot that I had already asked this same basic question.

I think I can see how to use an audio cable to connect this. I should be able to use VLC player to play the stream I want and it appears to be able to select the playback device. But so far I can’t seem to get it to play the video stream I want (which I will be recording just the audio from). I can see how to do it, but everything I have tried to get the direct url will not operate the player. Still working on this.