Adding Two New Recording modes to Audacity

I am using Audacity 2.4.2, on Windows 10 Pro, Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.572), With the Jaws screen reader.

I would like to see two recording modes added to audacity. These are “record punch in”, and “record insert”. They could possibly work from the same keystroke, and either mode be activated depending on whether a selection was made or not.

In a multitrack situation, to correct a bad area on a specific track, do the following:
1: Highlight the track,
2: select the defective area,
3: press the “record punch” keystroke,
4: Possibly listen to a user–specified time of pre-roll,
5: record over the bad area for only the length of the selection,
6: Audacity would then revert to playback mode at the end of the selection,
7: Listen to a post roll, and the rest of the track would stay intact.

This is much like highlighting text in a Word document and then typing new text over it. I believe much of this functionality is already in Audacity.

If no selection were made, pressing the "record punch key, or another designated keystroke, could:
1: turn on sync lock tracks,
2: play a pre-roll,
3: start inserting a new recording at the cursor position on the highlighted track;
4: either, choose to insert silence on the remaining tracks, (default), or else insert the same material on all the tracks, starting from the current cursor position.
5: The rest of the tracks would then be moved down the timeline.

This would be much like inserting text into a document in a word processor without deleting anything.

This, I think, would virtually negate the necessity of the current punch and roll recording. If, however, one wanted to modify the punch and role system, why not have the choice of a normal punch and roll, or one where you would be able to:
1: select the bad material,
2: then press the punch and role key
3: the rest of the track after the selection, that would normally be deleted, would automatically be copied to the clipboard;
4: then record over the selection.

If no selection were made, then the rest of the track after the current cursor position, or insertion point, could be copied to the clipboard. After the new recording is made, the rest of the track could then be reinserted at the end of the track either automatically or at the user’s discretion.

I, however, would prefer to see the “record punch” and “Record insert” functions added rather than the “punch and roll” modified. I hope something like this is already planned for Version 3.