Adding Silent 7 seconds at end?

I have edited a clip down to 13 seconds.

When i export the file (.WAV) and open this in windows media player the file is 20 seconds long. i.e. 7 seconds of silence at the end.

Any ideas why this is happening?!

<<<Any ideas why this is happening?!>>>

I can guess. Where did you get the clip from? Was it an MP3 or WAV format? Audacity will try to manage a sound file even though it has no real idea what’s going on. This leads to confused looks because the failure is way downstream from the actual problem.


Thanks for the tip. Looks like you’re right its just Audacity getting itself mixed up.
I guess it is because i have cropped the voice file down in a number of places it then gets confused on its length when i export it.
Solution i have found is to then bring that voice file back into Audacity. Delete those last 7 seconds and resave it out again and it appears to handle that ok :slight_smile: