Adding silence

Hi everyone, I just updated to the latest Audacity, and I have an issue. When I want to make a track longer, so that I can add echo or reverb, I used to click on “Generate” and then “Silence” and it would add some time to where the cursor was. If I put the cursor at the end of the track, it would stretch that track by whatever length of silence I wanted.

Now, unless I cut into the actual sound bit, it adds a new section, completely separate from the original sound track. So when I add an effect, this silent bit is completely unaffected.

Is there a way to merge the sections? I can’t seem to find one, and would be very grateful for any advice.


The “sections” are called “clips” or “audio clips”.
When two clip meet, you can join them by clicking on the line between them,
See also: Audio Clips - Audacity Manual