Adding silence to synch up tracks?

Hello. I am playing around with creating an IVR message which is a combination of a voiceover and some music.

My voiceover was created as mono.

The music recorded in stereo.

I now have a project with the 3 tracks combined, and the voiceover is only maybe 30 seconds long, but the music goes on for maybe 45 seconds.

What is the easiest way to add silence after my voiceover track so it fills out to exactly the end of where the music stereo track ends?

(Right now I have just been recording a blank mono track, pasting it in so it goes past the music tracks, and then doing select all tracks and chopping things off so I get a “smooth edge”, but there seems like there must be a better way?!)


Mac Audio

You’re making this too complicated. Tracks do no need to begin and/or end at the same time. When you Export (mix down) your project to create the final audio file, that file will include all the audio from the beginning to the end of the audio across all tracks. What you hear is what you get.
– Bill

I ask because I am having a horribly difficult time getting good sounding tracks to mix down to what my VoIP provider requires for me to use a recording.

In another thread I have introduced a LISP because of the degredated resamplimg. :frowning:

I was afraid that if I didn’t have a clean stretch of silence of shorter tracks that it might introduce noise to the mix. Sounds like that isn’t an issue.