Adding sections to my interview

Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 7.

I had some help yesterday on cutting the dross from an hour long interview.

Can someone tell me how I can add some new audio before each of the resulting sections?

To elaborate…My interviewed person covers six topics. I’d like to insert an introduction to each topic. How do I create a short Audacity section and drop it into the body of the interview?

At the moment I don’t have a microphone so, for me anyway, it would be easiest to record each ‘intro’ on my Tascam recorder and transfer it to my PC. Is it simply a matter of copying from the appropriate intro and pasting into the main file - or is there a better way of doing it?


Is it simply a matter of copying from the appropriate intro and pasting into the main file

It can be, but you’d have much better control if you create a new blank track under the first one, paste the intros into that and then push them around with the Time Shift Tool to get it to sound the way you want. You can put split points in the main show to accommodate the intros (everything will try to play at once unless you stop it with MUTE and SOLO). Since you’re not using a “Microphone” for the intros, you may want to mess with the volume and sound quality to more or less make them match That’s rough to do with everything on one track (Where did her voice stop and his voice pick up?).

When you export, Audacity will smash everything together into one show. Do run through it once to make sure the transitions are smooth and watch the sound meter to make sure nothing goes over.



I’ll follow your advice.


How do I get my intros to all go into the same track.

Each time I stop one and start another I get another track.

It’s workable but I could end up with a dozen tracks and just one of the interviewee and one of me would be far easier to handle.

And can I get each new audio to start along the new track under the gaps in the top one?


To continue recording after recording has been stopped, use “Append Record” (Shift+R). It’s in the “Transport” menu.

Thanks Steve.

Snag is it adds the new audio on to the original track and I’d like it on a separate track, initially anyway, so I can amplify the sound.

Can I have one new audio track running under the original and create my new bits of sound where I have stopped the upper track?


You can click and drag to select only the new recording you appended to the track, then amplify just that.

If it helps, you can hold SHIFT and press A to stop recording or playback at the stop point.

Have you tried - it should answer at least some questions.