Adding Screenshots / Presentations to current recordings

I have Audacity 2.1.2. I used the .exe installer. I am on Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1

I have already created 13 tutorials but now been given the direction to add screenshots of documents and add presentation materials to the recordings. Is this possible to do or will I need to find another software and have to start over?

Thank you

I have already created 13 tutorials

For Audacity 2.1.2? Are they posted anywhere visible to the forum elves?

been given the direction

By whom?

add screenshots of documents

That’s not particularly difficult except possibly for long-form documents that don’t fit. It’s a common request that Audacity produce documents that print well. We are pleased to get correct documents out the door.

add presentation materials

That’s just too fuzzy. Animated GIFs? Full-on picture and sound videos? Are we building education environment classes? Home schooling? “How to produce an AudioBook?”


They are tutorials for an high level overview of a company’s Project Management Office processes and the accompanying documents that will be used to create deliverables to support projects such as a project charter, budget and financial spreadsheet, etc. The tutorials are to explain the information in the documents, hence now needing a screenshot or video of going through the project documents and the powerpoint presentation.

Or if I am not able to add video / screenshots of documents, is is possible to download a written copy of the transcript that was recorded?

Is this possible to do or will I need to find another software and have to start over?

You may not have to start over, but Audacity is an audio editor so you’ll need a video editor or Power Point, etc, and maybe some image/photo editing software.

Note that almost all video editing programs can do some audio editing, so in the future you may not need Audacity.

However, the manuals will be a problem. They are created in wiki format and whereas a single page might lend itself to printing or display, they all have links and rich content which doesn’t.

written copy of the transcript that was recorded?

Audacity doesn’t have training videos—or at least not official ones. There’s no shortage of people volunteering training videos they worked very hard on, but turn out to be for an old version of Audacity or worse, have errors. Sometimes both.

It’s fun to create original content, but zero people want to go back and edit or correct errors. So virtually all on-line training videos are damaged in some way.

I saw a recent submission which was very well done with good sound and sharp, clear video. Take down this Producer’s info. They have it together. It also demonstrated a tool that no longer appears in the current version of Audacity. The video is still on-line. Chances of fixing it, zero.

So that’s what you’re up against. Documentation is the highest concentration of good, correct information we can make with the least effort and shortest time. Remember, volunteer organization. Everybody has a day job.


Where was the transcript recorded from? Is it saved as a file? If so you can try Speech to Text applications. Microsoft Word can use Microsoft’s Speech Recognition engine or you can try