Adding/removing Track Numbers on Audio CD

Please help - you guys are my last resort. I have two kinds of nightclub-style CD collections that need adjustment.

One set of discs contains music on each with track numbers in a continuous mix format. I would like to remove the track numbers because of the way iTunes treats the importing of these and puts gaps between the songs that defeats the purpose of the mixing.

The other set is the exact opposite. Each disc contains one track that is roughly 1:20 in length (done purposely to avoid what iTunes will do with the whole gap business) and I’d like to put track numbers on these so each song can be referenced on CD/Blu-ray players, etc., if desired.

Can Audacity do this, and if so, how?

Thanks very much.

Audacity has nothing to do with CD’s except it can write WAV files suitable for burning to audio CD.

A lot of people are saying that gapless playback no longer works properly in iTunes. Complain to Apple.

To ensure Apple doesn’t mess with your songs, rip that CD to WAV as one continuous length using CD-ex ( ). You need the command “Convert > Extract a section of the CD” and select the entire length. Then reburn the CD from that WAV. That does not need Audacity. You’ll lose the track breaks.

Does “1:20” mean 80 minutes and you mean you won’t play that CD in iTunes? Rip each CD to one WAV file using CD-ex (that should happen automatically). Import the WAV file into Audacity, then label each track and export multiple files to WAV. See Splitting a recording into separate tracks and Burning music files to a CD. If you want the tracks on that CD to play gaplessly, see “Gapless burning” in the latter article.