Adding Recording Profiles In Audacity

I have searched every where to see if this feature was included in Audacity. If I missed it I apologize. Does Audacity have the ability to add recording profiles that can be assigned to each project? IE: recording location, signal input, mic used, effects/plugins used and things of this nature. If not, would it be hard to add it? I think this would be a very valuable feature for narrators who use Audacity on a professional level. This feature would allow narrators to come back to a project months later and pick up right where they left off. Thanks.

Short notes could be added to the project as labels:

You can also add custom metadata to the project: (though note that, depending on the export format, this data may not be retained in the exported mixdown).

Personally I organize my works so that everything belonging to a specific project is within one folder, and use a lightweight text editor and save a plain text file in that folder.
The entire ‘tree’ of files and folders looks something like this:

> name-of-production-yy-mm-dd
>> production-name.aup
>> production-name_data
>> backup-001.aup
>> backup-001_data
>> backup-002.aup
>> backup-002_data
>> source-files
>>> audio-clip
>>> another-audio-clip
>> resources
>>> additional-resource
>>> another-resource
>> script.txt
>> production-notes.txt
> another-production-yy-mm-dd

To find the productions notes for any show:
“audacity-projects>name-of-production-yy-mm-dd > production-notes.txt”
This type of system is also very convenient when making off-site backups (essential in a professional environment).

Thank you. Your links also lead to the answer of another question I had as well as another member.