Adding label to second label track?

I have an audio track and then two label tracks. I’m trying to create a macro to add 2 seconds before/after a selection of audio (using the Select Time command), and then assign a label, but the label needs to go to the second label track, not the first label track.

It seems that all the label commands automatically put the label on the first label track. Is there any way to get it to put the label on the second label track, without requiring mouse clicks to highlight that track?

If not, is there a way to do this with a Macro that will select the correct label track, then add the label?


If the second label track is the bottom (last) track in the project, add the command “Move Focus to Last Track” before adding the label.
The label is added to the label track that has focus (“focus” = “the current track”, and it doesn’t matter if it is selected or not).

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately with what I’m doing, there’s actually a third label track below that, which I use for tracking the exact time of day.

In that case, move focus to the bottom track, then “Move focus to previous track” (one track up).

Thanks, right after I replied I tried that out and it’s working!