Adding individual 'effect' instructions to the header bar

As a small podcaster, I only use a limited number of effects when editing. Eg Amplify and Clip fix. Occasionally I also use Tempo and Fade In/Out. As such I find having to keep switching back into the Effect list to search for what I need is now more frustrating as all effects have been condenced. Is it possible to be picky and just add what I use everyday to the top bar for ease of use?

What I would do if was using just a small set of effects would be to disable all the ones I don’t use in the Plugin Manager.

And then in Preferences>Effects change the Effect menu organization to be Sort by effect name.

In fact that’s exactly what I did many years back when I was digitizing my vinyl and tape collection.

You can always re-enable others with Plugin Manager later if you find you need more.


Thanks Peter I will give that a go as it will help me a lot.


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