Adding grid and tempo

Hi, I’ve searched this on the “addigng features to Audacity” and, honestly, I think I was missing something… because I literally can’t believe I’m the first one to suggest this.

Yes, I know it is a sound editor, not a full DAW like Ardour, but it would be awesome to be able to activate a grid with tempo, so anyone could add a sound exactly in place (specially working with several tracks). It’s not necessary to work like Ardour: samples could integrate in the actual waveform (I mean, not necessary working with clips, but would be fantastic as well). I wish this because sometimes I do not need to open a full DAW to just mix some audio loop files for a fast test, or for a quick mix.

This, with the non-destructive VST FX adition I’ve heard here would be… :dizzy_face::heart_eyes: oh, man…

Anyway, it is already a great software and I feel it will be, with or without all of those suggestions that should go by this forum. Just wanted to drop it, because I missed it sometimes. Thank you to everyone who made it possible! ^-^

You’re not the first.
The thing that it depends on is the ability to show time, in the ruler above the tracks, as bars and beats rather than just in hours minutes seconds.

I’ve logged your support to this popular feature request.

While this plug-in may be a poor substitute for an actual grid, you may find it useful: Beat Per Minute labels

Thank you very much for logging it! I knew I just didn’t find that request in the forum :grin: I’ve just tried the bpm-labels plugin and I’ve checked it can help! ^-^