adding fx

Will audacity allow me to add effects or eq as the track is playing? When I try to do this, the only way I can add anything is when the track is stopped. Am I missing something?

No. Audacity is post-production only. Nothing in real time. Koz

Hi Koz,
I appreciate you taking the time answering my questions as I’ve used other programs and all are a bit different and have their quirks. So basically, if I want to add reverb or echo to a file I can only “guess” what the result will be and hit preview a bunch of time untill I get what I want, instead of hearing the amount and type of effect while the track is playing. Hmmm…the ability to apply effects should be a definite thing to upgrade in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, audacity is a great free program…just a bit different.

Oh, yes. Real Time Effects is a Feature Request. Koz

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