Adding external backup device

Hi folks,My HP laptop with 4GB storage is telling me there is no storage space left.

I’ve been using Audacity software along with Drfone iskysoft software (to bypass the touchy iTunes pitfalls). Audacity also tells me there is no more space on the laptop. I offloaded my music library (along with every thing else) from my old (@2015) laptop onto a WD Plug & Play easy store portable backup. I used that obviously to transfer my iTunes playlists into my new laptop.

There is still space left on this backup device. Is there a way to use this as additional storage space to continue downloading music and then add those tunes my iPod using your software ( along with drfone)? How would I get my laptop & audacity to recognize the Plug & Play as the new destination for music downloads? Or is there an alternative way to add more storage space? Thank you much.

Jon Ryder.

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Do you mean 4 GB of RAM?
4 GB of “disk storage” would be highly unusual these days - even the cheapest laptops tend to have at least 64 GB of storage.