Adding Effects

I’m new here and I’m just getting myself to be familiar in using audacity. I want to add effects on the audio files that I play but when I select effect while playing the audio.
All the effect selection was grey. I can’t click any of it selection. How can I add effect in my audio while playing?

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time except record, play and timer. It’s a post production editor and yes, it is awkward to have to apply effects multiple times to achieve the result.


You can’t. You need to stop the playback and then apply the effect.
Most of the built-in effects have a “Preview” button that can help with adjusting the settings.
It can also be useful to test an effect on a short section of audio (Ctrl+Z to undo), then apply to the whole track when you have the settings right.

You’re right Steve. It only work when I stopped the playback. Thanks!