adding effect to just one track w overdubbing

I’m sorry if this is a duplicate, I couldn’t find the exact issue. I’m trying to record multiple tracks with different effects for each. That is, I’m playing rhythm guitar, and then want to record a separate solo with distortion just on the solo. I’m running Audacity 2.3.0 on Windows 10.
When I set it to overdub–“play other tracks while recording (overdub)” in “Effects”–I’m able to do record multiple tracks, but the new track has the backing track playing. So any effects seem to be added to both. When I turn off “overdub” I can just record another track with effects without the other one playing. But I can’t hear the backing track.
So is there a way to either 1)overdub while only adding effects to the new input? or 2)listen to the backing track while recording without actually overdubbing it?
Thanks for your help,

Ensure that you are recording from the correct device (NOT “Stereo Mix” and NOT “Sound Mapper”) in the device toolbar.

thanks. Yes, I’m recording from “Microphone array.” I am using the laptop’s mic, rather than a separate USB one, and recording in mono if that matters.

Are you using headphones?

No, just the computer speakers. Is that the problem?

That certainly is a problem. The microphone will pick up sound from the speakers, so you can’t avoid the backing track from being mixed in with the new track. You have to use headphones if you want to hear the other track while recording with a microphone.

All these people are performing to a backing track.

The headphones have to have a good, soft head seal, too. You can’t have backing track sound leaking past your hair line into the room.