Adding crackle to audio


I’m trying to process some speech recordings to make them sound as though they are over a dodgy telephone line - thought that I could add some crackle, amongst other things.

There are plenty of plug-ins that remove noise - can any recommend any that will add some? I’m experimenting with VyNil, but any other pointers would be greatly appreciated.



Oh, I’m using 1.3.5 if that makes a difference.

Try recording at a low sample rate with the microphone as yoyu play it through the speakers. :mrgreen:

Hmmm, re-recording - good idea.

Forget sometimes to do it old skool :slight_smile:

Of course equalize out the high and low frequencies as well. Suppress anything below 300 and above 3000. That’s more or less the standard “telephone filter.”

For the clicking and noise, generally contributed by either a very nasty demark box or just leaky lines–or–a bad carbon microphone, I would be recording an FM radio dialed between stations. Turn the muting and AFC off if the radio has those, and if you play your cards right, you can get just the right electrical noise just at the edge of a station.


The Eq thing that koz mentioned is the main thing.
For crackle, try recording some sweet wrappers being scrunched up. If you have over 10 seconds, and repeat it over and over you won’t notice that it is repeated unless there are any particularly distinctive bits (which you can edit out). Use the envelope tool to vary the level, then use the track volume sliders to create a suitable mix.
If you were wanting to create “vinyl crackle”, a similar technique can be used, but in this case you want some noticeable repeats to simulate scratches being played each time the record goes round.

Thanks very much. Will give it a go.

The sound of bacon frying is a good approximation of vinyl crackle. It might not sound out of place in a faked phone conversation.

Also, you get to eat bacon after wards. Make sure you use a wind-screen cover on the mic though, you don’t want bacon grease getting in there.