Adding clap track

How can I add a drum line or a clap track to my Audacity recording.

Which version of Audacity are you using?
What operating system are you using?
What exactly do you want to do, record drums onto a second track? add a click track? record yourself clapping? import drum samples? something different?

I’m running Audacity Beta 1.3 on a Vista System and everything runs without a problem.
I’m trying to add a clap track to a recorded song. There are plugins which will do this and I’ve tried to add them to the plug in directory but nothing comes up when I load the program and look into generate or effects. I don’t want to record myself clapping because it’s to hard to maintain a constant clap volume and rhythm.

What are the plug-ins?
Audacity does not support VSTi (VST Instruments)

I read online that Audacity did support VST plugins. If not what do you recommend

You could record a single clap, (or a series of claps), then loop it using Audacity’s “Repeat” function, (in “Effect” menu).

It will sound robotic though: need to apply a little randomness to make it human sounding, (“random” plugins here).