Adding bass guitar

Audacity: 2.0.5
Windows 7, X64

Audacity is fantastic.
I am recording traditional Guitar, Bass & Drums music on my PC. I have an electric guitar plugged into my sound card and I am using Hydrogen for Windows for drum beats, exporting as WAV and importing into Audacity.
My question is is there a way I can add some bass guitar without actually buying a bass guitar to do this?

Is there an effect in Audacity that I can apply to a recorded guitar, or is there a piece of software which can do for bass what Hydrogen does for drums, i.e., let’s me use my PC keyboard/mouse to add bass notes and export to my desktop as a wav perhaps then import into audacity?


Perhaps the “Change Pitch” effect to lower the pitch of a plucked guitar by 1 octave (12 semi-tones)?

or is there a piece of software which can do for bass what Hydrogen does for drums

Any [u]MIDI[/u] or [u]DAW[/u] application, such as Cubase, Cakewalk, REAPER, etc.

MIDI is very powerful… Most of the background music you hear in movies and on TV is MIDI. With the right software and virtual instruments you can create the sound of an entire orchestra.

The downside is the learning curve, and the music-programming time. Plus, you have to buy the software and probably buy a MIDI keyboard if you want to make it “easy”. Somebody once said, “A drummer can play a 3-minute song in 3-minutes How long does it take you to program the drums for a 3-minute song?” …That’s not exactly fair if you consider the room & equipment requirements, and the time it takes to set-up drum recording, and the time it takes the drummer to learn the song, but it makes a good point and it’s kinda funny. :slight_smile:

If the octave-shifting trick doesn’t give you the results you are looking for, an inexpensive (possibly used) bass may be the most most simple and most economical solution.