Adding Background Noise


Some of the seminar audio I receive to edit is coming through with little to no room noise so I was wondering about adding some brown noise so the breaks aren’t completely silent.

I generated a brownian noise at 0.0035 (file attached) and was wondering if that would work - and if yes, are there guidelines as to the suggested amplitude and what would be the best way to add that to the file (section by section or by mixing)?

If this is a bad idea, what might be some other suggestions? The audio files come from a Zoom recording so I doubt that those can be addressed at the source.



There’s a name for that … Comfort noise - Wikipedia

Could AutoDuck the comfort noise with the voice, so it is attenuated when people are speaking.

Thanks Trebor,

I’ve used AutoDuck for other things, but didn’t think of it for this. I’ll try that.