adding background noise to all wav files simultaneously


I am new to audacity and would like to do the following task.

I have an recorded audio file mono 16khz 16 bits which is recorded noise inside train (wav files)

I have some 1000 recording files (wav files mono 16khz 16 bits).

I want to add the noise audio file and mix it with all the 2000 recorded files so that all my recorded files will have the effect of train noise in a single mono channel.

Here are some samples where i want to add noise_status.wav to all the other recorded files.

Thank you for your guidance.

Audacity cannot do that. Try SoX mix or mix-power


Dear gale.

Can you give me a example how can i do it with SOX.

Thank you

We only provide support for Audacity here.

You’ll have to write a short script.

You can search the SoX users mailing list for some examples or subscribe to that list and ask for help directly.