Adding audio to existing audio

Hi, I’m a brand new user…an author, narrating my own books.
When editing I sometimes need to actually change a word or add one but when I try to record at that spot, it automatically goes to the end and starts recording there!
Also, while editing the other day, I discovered I’d skipped a chapter and I couldn’t insert it, so I had to delete all that I’d done and redo!!
Please advise.
Kind Regards

Can specify in Audacity preferences to record on a new track, (rather than than append).

insert-align tracks in Audcaity3.gif

Hi…thank you so much but im not having a good day!!!

Firstly…your reply is great BUT there is no audio so I can’t hear the instructios but I can se the visuals!!

Next…when I opened Audacity this morning to continue recording, it said I didn’t save properly (which i did…and exported) but it can recover but from then on nothing appears but it says save, save ,save but nothing is on screen and everytime I click on OK, another blank scren appears…
Also, a 'Crash Report " panel appears but when I press send, it says it can’t send!

I Export when i save and they open okay and work.

Please help me. I’ve done 7 hours of recording!!

Kind Regards

Hi again,
It is definitely not my day…

Now when i click on record, it starts recording below and a panel appears which says…“Too few compatible tracks selected”

How do I just get back to recording please?

Kind regards


More problems!!

Besides the track I’m recording on, there are ELEVEN other tracks open below it!!

I do not know how they got there but how do I delete them please?

Kind Regards

My reply showing how to insert audio is just a visual (.gif) thing: no sound.

The “X” on the far-left top-corner of each track closes (deletes) it …
recording on new track, auto-fit track-height, then delete demo.gif
Audacity Preferences: tracks, auto-fit track-height

At the risk of being excommunicated, I don’t think Audacity 3 is stable enough for large projects like that.
The introduction of non-destructive editing in Audacity 3 has caused project-sizes to balloon.
A 7 hour project could consume all the spare memory you computer has.

Hahaha :laughing: :wink: :nerd: :ugeek:

I’ll fetch the ropes of garlic …

Audacity borking a 7 hour project, (perhaps a week of editing effort), would not be a laughing matter.

I was laughing at your potential excommunication :sunglasses:

I too have grave concerns about large projects and smart clips - but good news on the clip copying (to a different project) frot. I have just been testing a developers alpha branch build for the upcoming next release 3.2.3. This now offers a dialog (and a prefs setting) to enable the user to copy just the selection to the other project and not the whole “smart clip”.


But the smart user should not be borking all that work at the end of 7 days …

The smart user will have Saved Backup versions of the project as they progressed, to which they can revert if b=necessary

The smart user will also Mix&Render tracks from time to time (which will deal with unnecessary/unwanted “smart clips”)


Cannot expect “brand new” users to be aware of the pitfalls of Audacity v3

Even old users of the previous version (v2) will be caught out. :frowning:

I appreciate your fed back. I’m not sure what to do. It seems the system has crashed. Are you telling me to start again but this time do it in say 4 hour sessions? I’m an author narrating his own books.
Kind Regards

I totally agree. And even experienced users shouldn’t be expected to routinely work around known issues. Workarounds should be for exceptional cases, short term issues, and issues arising from use cases that are beyond the intended scope of the app.

But what I was recommending was not a workaround but common good-practice safety nets of making:
a) Regular backups of a project at key points/stages in its development - we provided the File > Save Project > Backup Project a few releases ago to make that easier
b) frequent Saves of the active project as you work on it - Ctrl+S is quick to use

Don’t forget that even 2.x and earlier Audacities had crashes and damaged projects that also caused users to lose their work from time to time.

For my personal use I also add additional backups on external media. I am so cautious (as a well-trained ex IT professional) to have offsite backups too - actually in a different country. But this is restricted to the finished product: my exported WAV files and my LightRoomed photos, I have no intention of losing all that work.


I totally agree. :slight_smile:

That’s a workaround. Imo there shouldn’t be hidden data unless the user explicitly creates it, and even then there should be a visible indication that there is hidden data present. Currently the only way that you can see if a clip has hidden data is to try resizing the clip. And if there is hidden data it is very tricky to get rid of it without losing clip boundaries (if there was more than one clip in the track) or envelope points (if envelopes are used).

Indeed that is a workaround, and one that we all may well have to get used to, as I believe that Muse has absolutely no intention of making “smart-clips” an option that users can turn off and on.

There is some small amelioration coming in that in a future release when copying a selection from a clip to another project then the user will get the option of copying either just the selection or the whole darn “smart-clip”, which in may cases will be the whole track.

And I agree about the lack of a visual cue for a “Smart-clip” with hidden audio data. That’s why I logged this issue on Muse’s GitHub a while back in October 21:
There is no visual cue for a shrunk clip #1912


I see that it’s marked as a “minor feature”, so I guess that something may be done about it eventually, but as it’s been well over a year since you posted that, I doubt that it’s likely to be any time soon.

It’s also marked as “deferred” in Feature Requests on GitHub - so it looks like Muse has little or no intention of addressing this.

I did just give it a “nudge” BUMP on GitHub …


bengee, it never hurts to backup your project every hour or even more frequently. Some suggest exporting to .WAV.

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your help but…how the hell do I “Mix and Render” please?
I have overcome a few problems and have now recorded two books at over 11 hours each and they have backed-up and saved with no problems BUT again i still cant’ get how to insert a corrected word or add stuff. What ive done previously, is delete from where I made the mistake and start recording again.