Adding A Track

Hi Folks,
My set up Laptop, Windows Vista, Audacity 2.
I record on my Zoom R16 and I’m experimenting with importing the tracks into Audacity for processing and editing.

Following earlier advice about adding reverb to a vocal track I add a new track and copy the vocals into the new track then add reverb and mix the two vocal tracks.

A minor irritation and I’m probably missing something. When I add the new track it always appears at the bottom of the exisitng tracks. To move it next to the track it’s relevant to I have to use the move track up controls several times. Is there any easier way of doing this.



Grab the track by the Track Control Panel and drag it to where you want it.
– Bill

And if you have more tracks than will fit on one screen, use View…Fit Vertically (Ctrl+Shift+F) first to squeeze them all onto the one screen.


I have also found out that if I name tracks say Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Vocal 1 , Vocal 1 reverb etc I can use sort tracks to place them in alphabetic order.


Ctrl + shift + c(collapse tracks) is more convenient than ctrl + shift + f(fit vertically), because you can turn back to the previous track stretching state with ctrl + shift + x (expand tracks)

That’s useful to know. Thanks!