Add vocal credit to an existing audio


We are a radio station to broadcast recorder audio sessions.

Some are recorded music sets of several hours. The do not include ant reference to the DJ that created these sets. So listeners can listen a broadcast for several hours without knowing who should get the credit.

These sets are uploaded as is - so no credit like jingle is included.

I’m looking for a way to use audacity with script that will take a long audio clip of several hours, and a credit clip of few seconds, and insert the credit clip every fix amount of time with crossfading. for example, let say that I have a 4 hours music set (mp3), and credit jingle of 5 secs, and I like to insert the jingle every 30 min, while lowering the volume of the music to 30% while the jingle is playing.

Is there a way to do that automatically with audacity script?

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