Add support for MP3 Lame 3.100.1 and other tools

Currently Audacity uses some information from old audio encoders, like in MP3, which is the next Lame version, it’s 3100 .
I would like the following changes to the audio editing software to be updated, just update to the latest versions the dll files and some implementations that according to the mediainfo software have been seen.
According to mediainfo, the audio recorded with Audacity in mp3, is in lame 3.100 , but the most current one is 3.100.1 , which had some audio and codec improvements from MP3.
Also FLAC, which is currently in version 1.4.2 and can also be updated for better quality, also opus format must be updated version.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Thanks for your feature request.

A bit of background as an ex-developer: When there’s a small team of developers, and a large software project (such as Audacity), there’s always more work to be done than is humanly possible, so things have to be prioritised.

Currently there are 751 open issue on the issue tracker, and the development team are very keen to bring new features to Audacity. Audacity uses a lot of libraries. In addition to LAME and FFmpeg, there’s these, and these. There’s also frequent changes to the supported operating systems, not forgetting the new Apple ARM chips that came out recently.

Unless you know a couple of dozen highly skilled C++ developers that are willing to contribute to the project, it isn’t going to be possible to keep everything up to date with the very latest releases. The priority must be to keep it working, and move it forward.