Add same jingle to multiple mp3 stereo files in a folder


I have a jingle (stereo) called jingle.mp3 that I want to add to the end of a folder full mp3 files of various lengths. The jingle is 3 seconds long.

Is there a way I can do this in batch mode please?

I am very new to Audacity.


You may not want to do this job in Audacity. Audacity doesn’t actually edit MP3. It converts the show to a high quality internal format and then edits that. When it converts back to MP3 at the end, the MP3 compression distortion goes up.

Since you’re just doing simple cutting, one of the pure MP3 editors may work better.


Mine is not cutting but joining. I would like to add a two second sound clip to the end of all mp3 files in a directory.

I got to audacity through Google as there seems to have been a request to add variable silence to the end of tracks. In my case it is a fixed track to the end of each track.

I would not mind if the batch operation that joined the two files would save them in a non-lossy format.


I don’t think there is a solution to this with Audacity’s Batch Processing.

The geeky way is probably to write a script for SoX using concatenate. However you could also use dBpoweramp which has an “Insert Audio” DSP to do just what you want if you accept the re-encoding loss. It is not free if you want to write MP3, but has a 21 day trial.

MP3DirectCut will join MP3’s losslessly but you would have to figure some command-line or script usage to do it, and you can run into problems if MP3’s to be losslessly joined have different sample rates or bit depths.


There’s a number of possible solutions which may work, depending on what the job is. What’s it for? Why do you need to add a jingle to the end of a load of MP3s?

I have a number of mp3 documents recorded at 128Kb (story telling audio). I need to add a “Turn the page” jingle to the end of each (actually all but the last one, but I can temporarily remove that from the directory while processing).


dBpoweramp did the job perfectly. Thank you very much.