Add / Remove Plug-ins dialogue box is too small

Every time I open the Manage Plug-ins dialogue (Add / Remove Plug-ins…), the dialogue child window is pretty small, showing only 4 plugins.

I think it should be larger by default, or at least should remember the user’s last selected dialogue window size.

Is this a feature enhancement (in which case I’ll post in the relevant forum)? Or something broken?

Kubuntu 20.04, Audacity 3.1.2 installed as appimage.

Please post a screenshot so that I can compare with the “normal” size on Linux.

See here for how to attach a screenshot to your post:

Everything else about it looks normal. It’s only the height that could be improved / remembered.

Yes, that’s “normal”, at least on Linux so yes it’s a feature request.
I think it looks a little better on Windows (, but saving the last used size would still be useful there.