add new stereo track and paste into it; import audio clip

Windows 7
Audacity 2.3.3

My goal is to add an audio clip onto a new stereo tracks, then cross-fade the start of this clip with the end of the clip on the first track. I tried addingt a new stereo track (track #2) and pasting the clip into it but this causes the clip on track 1 to move so that the start of this clip is aligned with the end of new clip pasted into track 2. I also tried this: before making the new stereo track, move the cursor on track 1 to the end of the audio clip, then making new stereo track, then pasting new clip into new track, but this causes track 1 to suddenly fill with multitudfes of small clock-faces and nothing else visible (no WAV form, no time line).

I considered importing the new clip as I did with the old audacity but haven’t discovered how this is done with the new audacity.

Finally, since my goal is to cross-fade the clips on the two tracks, I doubt I’ll know how to do this with the new audacity, so an explanation of how to do this would be appreciated.

Yes, I checked the FAQ and the manual, and tried several google searches. Apparently I don’t know the correct search terms because my results were everything but what I was searching for. Same general problem with the FAQ and manual: the termanology for the new audacity seems to be an entirely different language from the old audacity, which at this point is still the only audacity language familiar to me.

Manyt thanks for anyone’s help!

You have accidentally enabled “Sync-Lock”. Turn that off (bottom of the “Tracks” menu).

What is your starting point? For example, do you have each audio clip as separate audio files on your hard drive?

Thanks Steve, that did the triuck. Works like it should now.