Add Label at Playback Section is not accessible on 2.0.5

I am running Windows 7 profession and downloaded audacity 2.0.5 to convert my cassettes to CDs. I am able to record the cassette unto audacity. However, when I go back to label the tracks, the first one is fine. However, after that I am unable to label the other tracks since the Label at Playback section is whiten out and inaccessible. How do you label the tracks before exporting it to ITunes?

Try reading this: Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual .

The menu item in Tracks > Add Label at Playback Position is greyed if you are not playing or recording. In that case click where you want to add the label, then use Tracks > Add Label at Selection. It is easier to use its keyboard shortcut - hold CTRL and press B.

If a label is white it just means that it is open to be typed into. Press ENTER on your keyboard to close the label.