Add equalization to parts of a track or separate tracks


When I try to add equalization to a track, it automatically adjusts it to the entire track and not just the part I have selected.

This also happens if I have multiple tracks. The equalization will be adjusted on both tracks even if I have just selected one to edit.

I have tested this on my W10 laptop with Audacity 2.3.1 and I cannot reproduce what you report.

The Equalization is applied to precisely my selections.


Ahhhh - but then I thought to turn on the Preference in Tracks Behaviors for Auto-select, if selection required

And with that checked “on” then I do get some odd behaviors - and not just with EQ - the same occurs with Amplify, Normalize (and I suspect all effects)

  1. check “on” Auto-select, if selection required
  2. make a selection
  3. clear the selection by clicking in the dark gray background
  4. apply EQ (or any other effect)
  5. observe that the effect is applied to the selection that was made in step 2 (and not the whole project)

This is definitely a bug that I shall be logging on our Bugzilla bugtracker.

Good catch evanubene19 - thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

In the meantime the workaround is to turn “off” Auto-select, if selection required in Edit > Preferences > Tracks Behaviors


Done - see:


This has now been fixed for the next release of Audacity (2.3.2).