Add capability to load LABEL file in .LOF file

In Audacity 2.3.2, using .LOF file to load a series of audio files, I need to load also a LABEL which shows the song structure. Could the “file” instruction of LOF files support also loading LABEL files ? In next release ?

Hi, Steve, did you get a chance to see that post I made about .lof file and label file ?

Steve is away on holiday at the moment.

I’m still thinking about your idea.


OK. Thanks a lot for your answer and may I suggest two other practical additions to this ?

  1. it would be very helpful to have the .lof loading process to include a vertical (Ctrl-Shift-F) global height distribution to the loaded files
  2. woud be nice too to be able to parameterize the Mute option for any track (but that one is just a suggestion as personally, when I load with .lof, I have always one or two tracks which are just added audio references for the project, which would initially be in mute state as not really part of the audio product)
    Thanks again for your thinking about it all.

I’m thinking that you suggestion sounds reasonable and sensible - but I’d like to hear Steve’s take (or other Forum Elevs) on it before discussing it further.

But it does seem to make sense to me - we can export a lable file, so why not import though the LOF mechanism.


Have you tried the setting in Tracks preferences for “Auto-fit track height” ?

It works reasonably well in most use - but falls down when recording (this is a logged bug) - I haven’t tried it with LOF files.


I can see this being a somewhat fringe request - and thus unlikely to gain any traction.


Thanks for the suggestion about addition # 1. I set the Auto-fit track height and that does exactly what I suggested once it comes to loading with .lof file. So it’s solved. Thanks for your help.
For addition # 2, I understand. It depends if the developing team will be interested in more options added for .lof files. Anyway, thanks for the thought.

Thanks for the feedback on that - useful to know that that works :sunglasses:

The problem is that we are a very small team of volunteers (including a couple of developers) that run this Open Source project in our spare time - so it’s not easy to find the resources to do all the things we would like to do. There area lot of feature requests and quit a few bugs in the bugtracker (but we have been working hard on the bug-list recently - the next release is a maintenance release).

I can consider adding #2 as a formal Feature Request in our Wiki - but that’s no guarantee it’ll get tackled …

Peter (aka Waxcylinder)

I understand. Thanks again, Peter, and to all of the team for your benevolent work. This Audacity product is already a gem I prefer to many other products. I’d help if I could, but alas it’s probably well above my competence. :wink:

By the way, I used to program in C and C++ in the past (some 15 years ago) but I don’t know a thing about signal handling though. Let me know if that might fit for some help somewhere.