add/alter wave colorways

OS Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
audacity version 2.2.1
build type, i’m not certain but i think the help menu says it was built from ubuntu’s official release.

i’d like to add more colorways to audacity, or perhaps to change the existing ones (i don’t like the existing instrument 4, black). is there any way i can hack in more colors? i’m using the dark theme, if that makes any difference.

if this involves editing the code, i’d be willing to look into that. even just a pointer to the relevant files would be very helpful

This is not something I know much about (I’m more interested in the audio side of Audacity), but there’s some documentation here:

great, thank you!

i’m now looking at the source for audacity 2.2.2

at src/AllThemeResources.h i’m looking for text-matches with what i sampled were the colors for the 4 instruments, but i’m not seeing any matches. i think wave colors must be in a different file or perhaps i have the wrong color samples (dark theme):

instr 1 = #FEB144  254, 177, 68
          #FF9329  255, 147, 41

instr 2 = #e65050  230, 80, 80
          #a00a0a  160, 10, 10

instr 3 = #4bc84b  75, 200, 75
          #236e23  35, 110, 35

instr 4 = #646464  100, 100, 100	
          #000000  0, 0, 0

Have a look at this page in the Audacity Manual: Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual