Add a scripting language like Cool Edit has

Cool Edit has a scripting language to auto task a lot of the features. So instead of manually doing a lot of stuff you can write a script to automatically do a lot of the work for you instead of you having to do it yourself. Like I got away I do Isotonic tones and Binaural Beats with Audacity but it is a drawn out process to incorporate both in the same sound file. I think if Audacity had a scripting part it would make the process a lot less tedious.

Audacity has an extremely powerful scripting language built in. It is called “Nyquist”.
Short commands may be run in the “Nyquist Prompt” effect (, or you can even create full-blown plug-ins (

There’s about a hundred user contributed Nyquist plug-ins on the Audacity wiki:
and many more “experimental” plug-ins on these forum pages:

For questions / discussion about Nyquist scripting, see this forum board:

Audacity also has “Chains”. See: