AD Data

I want to use the raw data from the Realtek AD Convertor for futher analising.
In what way can I get the raw data out off the stored datafile?
I hope you can help me.
Greatings, Dik Raaben.

With a Hex Editor (

What kind of analysis?

A [u]WAV file[/u] contains “raw” PCM data once you get past the file header. Or, you can export to RAW.

Do you understand the basics of sound (amplitude & frequency)? Do you understand how audio is digitized and stored digitally? Do you know what the Fourier Transform is?

Audacity can do some spectral analysis and there are some “tricks” for finding the peak & RMS levels.

SoX can give you some basic statistics about your sound file.

People doing scientific or university work use MATLAB (or a MATLAB clone) to analyze WAV files.