ACX requests all files replaced of at least 192 bit rate.

Audio Software: Audacity 2.1.2
Audio Interface: Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen
High Pass Filter: Shure A14HP
Mic: Blue Spark

Here are my settings.
Every file saved to WAV
Project Rate = 44100

WAV exported to MP3
Format: Quality = Standard, 170-210 kbps; Variable speed: Fast

I do have the Interface Meter dB range: -72 dB (PCM range of 12 bit samples)

Does audacity have anything that shows the bit rate of a file?

Should I change the Format to: Extreme, 220-260 kbps?
Speed: Fast? Standard?

How do I make the Track Name appear on the Track Label?


Select “Constant” as the bit-rate mode, then 192 kbps as the “Quality”.
Unless you have a really good reason not to, your recordings should be mono.

The recording channel shows MONO. When exporting to MP3, Channel Mode does not offer MONO as a choice. There is a radio button that requires a choice of “Joint Stereo” or “Stereo”.

I will have to go back and from the WAV file save a NEW MP3 file. Correct? How do I make the Track Name appear on the Track Label?

Thanks Steve!

Good. The MP3 will also be mono. Those “stereo mode” settings only apply if the project is stereo.

Yes, either the WAV file or the original Audacity project, but do NOT re-encode the MP3 as that will needlessly reduce the sound quality.

I’ve no idea what you mean.