ACX plug-in


thank you very much to whoever built this plug-in for us. Very handy. :slight_smile:


ACX Check was written by flynwill.

It wasn’t entirely written by me…

It’s based on code found in the “wavestats.ny” plugin by Steve Daulton, and the “measurement.ny” by endolith.

My main goal was to combine the features of both tools into one and to remove as much as possible the time limits on both.


Behold, LZW compression. Lempel and Ziv were world-class Subject Matter Experts on data compression and information processing who weren’t speaking to each other. Welch was the one that got both them into a room and said nobody was leaving until they produced a working, integrated product. And he had a gun. Nothing like assistance from Mr Smith and Mr Wesson to rapidly advance product development.



well however it happened, this ACX Narrator is very appreciative, mate. :slight_smile:


How do I find the ACX plugin?

Thank you in advance.

Be very clear all it does is tell you the technical specifications of your sound file and whether they make ACX compliance or not. It doesn’t fix anything.

You can get one of them from me.
Unzip it and drag acx-check.ny to the Audacity Plugins folder. ACX Check appears in the Analyze menu.

Select the whole show by clicking just above MUTE.
Analyze > ACX Check

See attached.

There is a slightly different version in the Audacity libraries.
You don’t have to unzip that one.

And there’s yet another one in development.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 22.57.18.png

The ACX plugin is fantastic! It told me the exact reason my audio was recently denied… but what can I do to prevent/fix keeping my file between -23dB and -18dB RMS when Audacity doesn’t read RMS? What about the -60dB noise floor? Could someone please help? I’m sort of a techno-tard that loves recording these books and would be very grateful of some help on this.