ACX Plug-In Downloading Fail

So hey, full disclosure I have no idea what I’m doing so any plain language you use with me is HIGHLY appreciated.

I’m trying to download the ACX Plug In and cannot. I’m downloading from the audacity wiki page and it keeps trying to open in internet explorer and will not…just round robin save and open over and over and nothing ever actually comes up. I guess I don’t know where to save it? I have windows 10 and Audacity 2.2.2…

What am I doing wrong? Please and thank you!

You should tell Windows to stop helping you. Maybe save it to your desktop?

A Windows elf will need to tell you where to put it. It needs to go into Plugins, if that’s any help.

Fair warning 1. It’s going to appear under Analyze, not Effects.

Fair Warning 2. You can fake it out. It looks for a half-second of pure background noise for the ACX Noise measurement. If it can’t find a good “silent” stretch it will measure whatever it can find and you could get noise measurements crazy louder than is really there.

Everybody fails noise. Can you tell if your computer is on by listening? Can you hear your air conditioning or heating kicking on and off? You can generate silence for a second and measure that, but you get bogus numbers and busted immediately.


Ok thank you for responding!

So check out this screen shot. I see where it says Plug Ins. And I downloaded the ACX Plug-in in note pad so I can at least read it…though not understand it really. Like I try to type in some of the directions but…it’s just a screen to open other files not a screen to save something new… Ugh hate that I don’t know what I’m doing, I apologize.

Can you help me with the next step…?
Thank you!