ACX Noise Floor Fail

I am new to using Audacity and testing it on short samples. Everything passed the ACX Check except for the Noise Floor. The Noise Floor Fail is -48.64 dB. I couldn’t figure out how to adjust it.

This is what I have it already set at:
Effect > Filter curve… > Manage > Factory Presets > : Low roll-off for speech > OK.

  • Effect > Loudness Normalization…: Normalize RMS to -20dB > OK.
  • Effect > Limiter: Soft Limit, 0.00, 0.00, -3.50dB, 10.00, No > OK

Thanks in advance.
ACX Noise Floor Fail.jpg

Noise Floor isn’t an “adjustment.” You get good noise floor by having a good, quiet recording room or studio, a good microphone, microphone connection, and good announcing techniques.

That’s assuming there’s nothing actually broken.

Are you following a posted instruction video or book? Which microphone are you using?

Post a ten second sound test on the forum according to these instructions.

Read down the blue links. They’re very short and everybody makes the same mistakes.

Do Not Make Any Corrections. The goal is for us to hear your work before you do anything to it.


You don’t have to take photographs of your screen. You can use the Windows 10 Snipping Tool to make a picture of the whole screen, or a picture of a small portion of the screen.


The microphone that I am using is the Insignia M/N: NS-PAUM50. I just bought a new recording microphone and haven’t used it yet. I attached the ACX Check clip and the sound clip that you asked me to read.
Thank you.


Let’s clear some of these ordinary problems before you spend any more money.

Do you hear that high-pitch ringing sound when you play your test file? Your recording system is in feedback like a band at the club when they have their microphones up too far. eeeEEEEEEE.

That’s what is causing most of the overload and bad ACX evaluations.

Do you have your computer speakers turned up while you’re reading? You can’t have live speakers running in the same room while you’re recording.

You have to be recording from the microphone, not a software service or other program. What does it say in the little window next to the microphone symbol in the Audacity tool bar?


Ok, I had already bought the Neewer 8000-usb kit before posting. I just did another test recording with this new microphone. It is attached. I didn’t know about the speaker issue that you just mentioned. See attached photos.

Yes, my computer speakers are up.