ACX check wrong with Envelope

win 7 Audacity 2.3.2
-make a selection, > eg. ACX check = … RMS level: 7.3 …
-make the wave less loud with the Envelope tool
-ACX check keeps showing the same RMS level: 7.3 no matter how softer or louder the section is made with the Envelope tool.

I know i can render the section, and ACX check would report right, but i think it’s a bug or ‘weakness’ of ACX check if it can’t read sections with Envelope tool points; the convenient way would be to be able to use ACX check to help making the Envelope tool decisions [before rendering or whatever other action]…

Good catch.

However, ACX Check is not the only tool that goes bonketty-poo. If you decrease the size of a whole presentation with the envelope tool, you will find that neither Amplify nor Normalize will increase the size of the waves over the “new,” lower 100% points, wherever they ended up.

I haven’t tried all the tools yet, but once Envelope shrinks a waveform, it appears to be permanent. You can shrink a wave from there using other tools, but you can’t ever make it bigger, aside from, as you say, rendering it first. Then all the rules go back to normal.


Are you reading for audiobooks? Did you try applying Audiobook Mastering anyway? It has some limited automatic volume controls as part of its activity.

If you got loud as part of the script, the mastering tools may just make your voice denser rather than louder and get the theatrical idea across without extensive surgery. The mastering tools will always guarantee Peak and RMS leaving noise up to you and the busy highway outside your house.

If it sounds reasonable, you may be done.


If you find yourself going theatrically nuthouse, it may be time to wear good, sealed headphones while you record.

The first time you yell into the microphone and blow your ears half off, you learn not to do that.

You do need a microphone system that allows the connection. You can’t listen to the computer.


What I do is edit music [and usually in regards to volume there’s the opposite need, to make it louder], i’m not reading for audiobooks; if someday, thanks for the tips.