acx check results don't display consistently

I have downloaded the latest version of Audacity (2.4.1) and am trying to run the ACX-Check plug-in. Sometimes it will show the results of the scan and sometimes it won’t. It seems to be more consistent with samples under ten minutes but will inconsistently work with samples up to about 25 minutes. I have found it to be a very useful plug-in in the past but it’s not working on my new computer. How can I get it to work properly?

I couldn’t either. I posted an alert.


Audacity (2.4.1)

Did you keep or ever have the installer for Audacity 2.3.3? The tools work in that version.


Running Window 10 & Audacity 2.4.1

ACX Check is essential to my day-to-day use and until this afternoon worked perfectly. The scan always runs, the countdown progresses and concludes; but, then the actual results/data window is not shown. :frowning:

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Are you using the latest version of ACX Check? A change in Audacity caused a problem in the original version, so I created an updated version which is available here: