ACX Check Question

When I do an ACX Check, I get a popup window that lists the values of, for example:
Peak Level - 3.5 db Passes
RMS Level - 19.9 db Passes
Noisefloor - 78.3 db Passes

I understand what those numbers mean, but just below those numbers are these:
RMS (A) 0.056537 (-25.0 db)
Noisefloor (A) 0.000078 (-82.1 db)
DC Offset 0.006148%

What do these numbers mean? Do we need to pay attention only to the first three above?

What do these numbers mean?

They mean you have the wrong ACX Check. The older tester has troubles with the newer Audacity, so a newer test was developed.


[u]A-Weighting[/u] takes into account that fact that our ears are most-sensitive to mid frequencies so it’s a more “realistic” measure of perceived loudness or perceived noise. It’s NOT used by ACX. The measurements are usually lower which makes a “better” noise measurement. A-Weighting is commonly used in SPL (sound pressure level = acoustic loudness) measurements.