ACX check freezing

This is absolutely making me crazy! I have spent all day trying to get this to work- it goes all the way to the end then freezes. What to do?

The crystal ball is in the shop. Tell us what you’re doing and which Audacity three-number version you have.

“I’m recording my voice with a Snowball USB microphone on a Vista HP Laptop.”

Are you using an external USB drive or Cloud Drive?


Sorry lol - Windows Vista 2.2.1

It was working fine last night - I have a USB mic , USB drive

How long is the show?

My first guess is the machine is busy doing other things. This is easier than you think. Audacity has to do everything in active memory and that can be in short supply if you have Skype and FaceBook open in the background and the last thing you did was open several web pages and they’re all trying to harvest your personal data.

Recently, I had a nasty combination of “normal” web pages open (, etc) and when I asked how much system resources were being used, the analysis tools said, “All of it.”


You can’t fill up your internal drive, either. That’s where Audacity goes when it runs out of hardware memory.


Ok so the file was on my internal so I moved it to my external. I tried the ACX check with a 9min file and it worked. I opened this one up again and it froze again. And again. Is it something with the file? It’s only 15min long

Open the file in Audacity. Make sure you’re looking at the whole thing, Control-F. Drag-select only the first 3/4 of it.

Analyze > ACX-Check > OK.

Still crash?