acx audiobook files

My tracks all get a pass from all three requirements when using the ACX Check plug-in. My Peak Levels are all between -7.5db and -7.4db, the acx requirement is no more then -3db.

Does this mean that I should pass the acx quality control when I upload the files?

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What are the other values? Natural voice peaks that low are unusual. That means you probably did some serious processing to get it there. One very common ACX Human Quality Control failure is Overprocessing.

What did ACX-Check say with you turned it loose on the original voice clips?

Better still, record and post an uncorrected short clip.

It’s not unusual for someone to get there using more processing than needed. We may be able to fix that. We have some new (and improved) tools available in the last month or so.

Or you may be fine.



Here is the raw recording. Thank you


I wanted to mention that the first thing I typically need to do to the file is raise the RMS by about 0.2 or 0.3 otherwise it passes the acx check with no other changes.

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it passes the acx check with no other changes.

That’s correct. I’m impressed. That’s a raw recording? Do you know who Don LaFontaine is (was)?

This is me backing slowly away. I suspect you’re going to sail straight through ACX Quality control.

Contact them. I think they’ll let you submit a sample before you upload a whole book. Have you seen all the ACX postings, manuals and instructions? It’s not all high-juggling dB values. You also have to submit the right file sizes, production gaps, header information, etc. etc. etc.

Post back if you have trouble finding the files for MP3 export or any other troubles.

I don’t think it says so anywhere, but it is recommended you save all your work in high quality, uncompressed WAV format for archive. You can make those into anything but once you make an MP3 you’re stuck with the MP3 compression sound damage—and you can’t stop it.

Also resist the urge to record a segment and then edit that segment into the final piece. If anything happens to Audacity or the computer during editing, your whole read could go into the toilet. Read and Export WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit. Then do that again with a new filename at the final edit. Only Then make the MP3 for submission.

You can leave out steps if you wish, but there’s no shortage of forum posters who want us to rescue their destroyed edit.

“I worked on that for three days. It doesn’t open up any more and I don’t have the original shoot!!”


Two copies of valuable work is good. Nobody keeps up three copies and one is too dangerous. Two.

I think I can still find commercial work I shot years ago.



WOW, thank you so much for the encouraging words. I hope you are correct. I’ll be submitting the files tomorrow, wish me luck.


Good luck.

You can still get into trouble. Depending on what the work is, you’ll have to read at an even volume for several weeks, etc. ACX puts great stress on having your chapters match.

If you think about it, you can post how you did it. What kind of microphone, computer (if any) and environment. What is the work? Reading your own novel?