act like a dictophone?

hello, I am a newbie with this software.
please forgive if I don’t know if there is an existing topic for my question.
I am running Windows XP SP3 on a Packard Bell under desk computer.

My question is …
If I am playing back an audio wav file and press pause and then “unpause”, can I arrange to restart a few settable seconds back? This was possible with older technology (dictaphone)

thanks Mike :slight_smile:

Using a mouse:
Click at the place you want to start playback.

Using the keyboard:
Spacebar toggles Play / Stop, but rather than using the Spacebar to stop, use “Shift + A” (Stop and set cursor)
The use the Left cursor key to wind back a bit.

There are lots of other ways to navigate around a project. See these links for some examples:

Didn’t you write something that automatically backed up when you pressed stop?