ACK - all kinds of issues -pausing, no sound etc

I’ve been using Audacity for ages with no problems. Now it is a mess. It keeps pausing during recording (not related to sound activation), sound is like person is underwater and even when there is sound it records nothing - will record very low poor sound for a few seconds and then nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that didnt help at all. Only thing I can think of is I ran a pc scan to remove old files etc yesterday and wonder if that somehow removed something but I am stumped. I have a lot to record today. Any help (for a pretty non techie) GREATLY appreciated!!

What are you recording? Model numbers? Connections?


What you’ve described is consistent with Windows
“audio enhancements”, (e.g. noise-reduction & noise-gate).

Here’s how to turn off those recording audio-enhancements …

This fix says it is connected to properties on the mic. Not sure that would fix this. I am playing a video and the sound is fine. It records on zoom fine. It just pauses and sounds awful on audacity. I am not using a mic at all in this use case. Thoughts?

Recording off an existing video playing on my pc. Earlier I uninstalled and then installed the latest version for Win10 so I think 3.3 something. Connected via wifi.

If you are streaming the video, then a slow internet connection can result in poor quality (underwater) sound with drop-outs, (missing pieces).
Not caused by (or fixable by) Audacity.

I have been using Audacity like this for years and have very strong/ fast wifi. Just tested it to be sure there was no issue. Any other guesses?

If there is internet bottleneck throttling the data,
it need not be local to you, it could be distant.
[ If the problem is website-specific that would give the game away ].

Played aorund with settings. Changed something to MME though I have no idea what it means, it seems to be working. I dont know how it was working and then stopped since I didnt change anything but thrilled it is working. THANKS SOOO MUCH for taking the time to reply. Love knowing there is help out in the world for tech newbies.

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