accurately position envelope controlpoints (x-coördinate and value)

I’d really like to be able to accurately position envelope controlpoints (x-coördinate and value).
Now I have to drag the mouse and ‘guess’ visually about the exact location and value without being able to edit the desired values in a dialog-window.
With multitrack studio recordings with multiple edit point per track (where everything has to be precise and exact) it is very inconvenient and slows down things unnecessarily.
In Audacity 2x I could manually edit the values in the aup-file, that is no longer possible.

There’s a plug-in here:

To set the cursor position precisely, use the “Selection Position Boxes” in the Selection Toolbar (see: Selection Toolbar - Audacity Manual)

Nice plugin! Luckily I can assign a keyboard shortcut to it, great!

It would be brilliant if double-clicking on a controlpoint would open the same plugin. :wink:

You’re out of luck there :wink: