Accordion File [SOLVED]

Windows, 7 Home Premium, Audacity 2.1.3. obtained from exe.installer

I just volunteered to do some recording for Librivox. I have successfully recorded 1 minute test files and exported them to the LibriVox uploader per the tec specd. I even used the noise reduction feature successfully.

This morning I recorded a 15 min. story and successfully uploaded it. I had thought I would be able to reload the file and check for noise reduction . However, when I opened the file it looked completely different than it did when I exported it. It sounded the same, just looked different. Instead of peaks and valleys and little straight lines where I paused, the lines were all squished together like an accordion that had been compressed and locked up to put away.

I need to do some edits in addition to using the noise reduction but I can’t select anything because I can’t discern any sections of the file. Any ideas what I might have done when I either recorded or exported the file? I’m afraid I will have to re record it and I don’t want to make the same mistake. Is there anyway to fix the file so it looks like it did when I recorded it?

Thanks for having some place to look for help.

aniroo :wink:

Perhaps you need to adjust the zoom level (

That’s IT! thanks

You’re welcome :wink: